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FIFO Mental Health Summit 

October 8

Created by Lachie in 2019, and held in Perth & Brisbane, the FIFO Mental Health Summit is back again!

This year we've been lucky enough to partner with Spacecubed to create an event for higher level mining professionals, to ensure we engage in the conversations that we believe will help our workforce, with the people that we believe make the decisions that matter. 

This event will be hosted by Lachie Samuel & Robbie Figg, on behalf of FIFO Happiness.

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National Symposium on Miners' Mental Health - October 30

Lachie will be delivering a keynote speech on his lived experience as a FIFO worker who suffered from depression and suicidality, as well as what he's learnt since re-entering the mining industry with his own business, FIFO Happiness. 

Lachie will also be a part of the panel discussion taking place. He is overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity to speak alongside some of the most educated and influential figures in mining.

This event, hosted by Mental Health Foundation Australia, is aimed at increasing awareness and starting a conversation around the alarmingly high rate of mental health issues in the FIFO workforce (bowers,2018).

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During December 2020, FIFO Happiness will be taking to the road, in an attempt to visit and deliver our award winning workshops, to the mining towns of WA.


The Christmas holiday period has proven over the last couple of years, to have the most significant negative impact on FIFO workers and those who live in mining towns. With this tour, we hope to educate, empower and inspire a mindset where taking consistent constructive action becomes the preferred option.. Where mental health and happiness becomes openly spoken about and accepted.


Mining towns on our radar:


Kalgoorlie, Leinster, Laverton, Hopetoun, Karratha, Dampier, Panawonica, Newman, Port Headland.

Currently accepting EOI for tour partners, including vehicle, accommodation, PPE.


Mining Town Tour of WA - By FIFO Happiness - Dec 2020

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Try the FREE course that's helped over 200 Australian MEN gain the confidence to speak about their feelings