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Who is Lachie Samuel?

✅ Evacuated from FIFO for being suicidal

✅ Top 10 mental health podcast host (Aus & NZ)

✅ Creator of the FIFO Mental Health Summit

✅ Keynote mental health speaker

✅ West Australian of the year nominee

✅ Co-founder of FIFO Happiness

✅ Co-Founder Mens Work Collective

✅ Mens vulnerability coach

✅ Certified counsellor

✅ Faced his fear & got naked infront of 100+ people

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How can Lachie help you?

🎖  Life changing1on1 & group coaching for men

🎤 Mental health keynote speaking & panels

🏗 FIFO specific pre-emptive mental health workshops & initiatives

✈️ FIFO specific pre-emptive mental health online courses

📚 Course creation for mens work coaches

🎥 Be a guest on his podcast

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Lachie was born and raised in Manurewa, Auckland, NZ.

As a narcissistic, cheating & ecstacy addicted 19year old, Lachie was caught out cheating on his girlfriend, with his best friends partner. Instead of facing the consequences and taking responsibility for his actions, he chose to run. He would book a one way ticket from Auckland to Kalgoorlie and never look back. 

Lachie would spend the next 4 years in Kalgoorlie, spending his free time at the gym or pub, and his money on drugs, alcohol and skimpys. Eventually he'd meet a woman who he would 'fall in love with' and they'd make the move to Perth, seeking the west coast lifestyle.

Perth was foreign to both him and his partner, so although there was opportunity aplenty, they were completely isolated from family and friends. 

This is where it falls apart. 


With Lachie working fly in fly out, it meant every time he left for work, be it 5 days or 4 weeks, his partner was alone. She would ring him every night and fall asleep on the phone to him, just to feel safe in their home.

After a while, Lachies partner began to show signs of depression and started threatening to hurt herself if her didn't return. Well, being the narcissist who was yet to face consequences, he didn't return and no matter how serious or life threatening it got, he showed no empathy or compassion, choosing to instead take on longer swings.


Not too surprisingly, the relationship broke down and they both parted ways. 


This separation would  leave Lachie without his source of validation. The validation that he was 'enough' and this would see him begin to show his own signs of depression, leading to him being forced to resign from his role, losing his identity as the 'hard working fifo guy making a lot of money'. 


After resigning, he would spiral out of control, picking up his previous addictions, and failing to look after himself, in a bid to mask to pain, guilt and shame. 

While away on holiday in NZ with another woman, he would get a call from his ex, letting him know she was pregnant. 

Again, being the narcissistic little boy who only cared about himself, he would spend the next 2 months begging and ultimately trying to manipulate her into aborting their child. At this point, nothing mattered to Lachie but himself, and he would continue to treat himself and others poorly, wasting all of his savings, getting himself into debt and borrowing thousands of dollars from those he loved.

Eventually, Lachie would realise that he was the problem and that he had not only become a burden emotionally, but also financially.

After weeks of considering his own value, Lachie would attempt to take his own life. Luckily he was able to back out, but in those moments where his life came close to it's end, he saw his daughter and realised the pain he'd cause her by leaving.

Would she feel like she wasn't enough for him to stick around? Would she be ok never knowing what it was like to kiss or cuddle the man who gave her life? 

In that moment, he found purpose beyond validating his own ego and over the next 2 years he would invest his time and energy into bettering himself for her. This would include meditation, grounding, getting out into nature and reading as much personal development as he could. 

After 2 years of relentless work, Lachie would build the courage to re-enter the industry that he loved. FIFO. He would get his dream job, making more money than ever before, with more of a brotherhood than ever before...

But this would all come to a crashing halt. 

3 months into his dream job, a colleague of his would take his life. This would spark comments like "he was a pussy", "he didn't deserve to live anyway", which as a suicide attemptee, sent Lachie back into a depressive, downward spiral.

Eventually, Lachie would be evacuated for being suicidal, and in the coming months, lose another friend form the very same site, to suicide. 

After being evacuated, Lachie started a podcast for people suffering in isolation like he was, as well as his own journey into the 'why?' behind his thoughts, feelings, actions and interracions.


This journey would lead Lachie to 2 traumatic moments in his life. The first being his father nearly drowning him in their family bathtub as a 6 year old, which would spawn the belief that he wasn't enough for his dad (his hero), himself and anyone else. The second being sexual abuse from 8-10 years old. This would cause Lachie to see these sex acts when he closed his eyes, leading him to believe he may be gay. This would also leave him with a porn addiction as an 8 year old, creating the belief his penis was too small and warping the way he viewed woman and relationships. 

Both of these moments together gave him the context he needed to forgive himself  for being a cheater, a narcissist, a manipulator, an addict... just a horrible human being.

This would ultimately lead to many hard conversations and taking responsibility for all the hurt he had caused along the way. 


Since then Lachies podcast, which he first started recording as a suicidal FIFO worker in his donga, has become a Top10 mental health podcast.

Since then, that podcast has allowed Lachie to create a business helping FIFO bsuinesses better understand and educate their workforce on pre-emptive mental health. 

Since then Lachie has created the first ever FIFO Mental Health Summit, become a keynote speaker on behalf of the Mental Health Foundation of Australia and been nominated for West Australian of the Year (result pending).

Now, Lachie spends his time between his family (a beautiful partner & 2 girls), his work with FIFO businesses, speaking and his work coaching men.

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