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Explore what Lachie can offer your team, whether on site, or in town.

Equip your people with the awareness and the tools to thrive while working away.

Lachie's belief is that "better equipped people make better decisions"

His current approach (his teachings evolve and deepen as he does) is one where all areas of life are looked at and dissected, because compartmentalising our lives, while working away, simply doesn't work anymore. 

To understand how we show up in each area of our lives, how those actions or inactions inform each other and what to implement moving forward, will give your teams the power of awareness and opportunity. 

Awareness being, "what they know, they can't unknow". Opportunity being, to utilise the tools and teachings Lachie delivers, in regards to consciously choosing better. 

Choosing better thoughts, actions and ultimately a better more grounded and fulfilling life, where they can communicate their needs, raise concerns with respect, manage inevitable stressors, treat themselves with compassion and align their personal goals to those of the business. 

Better equipped people. Better Decisions. For them, their family and their colleagues.


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How can Lachie work with you team?

5 x LIVE group coaching calls. You choose day or night shift_edited.png

Presentations can be tailored to suit the client and the specific concerns within their workforce.

Email using the button below, to discuss your needs and how these services can be tailored to your crew. 

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