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Break the circuit

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The Circuit Breaker workshop series.

Break the circuit. Change the circuit. Break the cycle.

Far too many FIFO workers are chronically stressed.

In fact we now know they're 4x as likely to suffer from psychological distress (Dr Fruhen).


This means that FIFO workers lack the tools to effectively manage that stress, fear speaking up and don't know how to replace destructive thoughts and behaviours.

The Circuit Breaker workshop series has been designed for FIFO by FIFO, to be relatable yet create immediate impact and change.


In completing this series you will have given your teams the opportunity to break their stress circuits, implement positive and constructive behaviours, which ultimately lead to a breaking of the cycle within the home and at work.

Break the circuit. Change the circuit. Break the cycle. 


Session 1 - Breaking the stress circuit: 

Lachie will share his story, as well as walk your crew through group shares, the impacts of chronic stress and how to introduce circuit breakers into stressful situations, as well as every day life.

Interim: Takeaway tasks to be completed between session 1 & 2, which we will discuss to kick off session 2, creating accountability and reason to implement.

Session 2 - Changing the stress circuit: 

We'll look at the reason for our response to stressful situations, identifying who we want to become and what values or behaviours to embed, which naturally flow into understanding how to safely begin the process of change.


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How can Lachie work with you team?

5 x LIVE group coaching calls. You choose day or night shift_edited.png

Presentations can be tailored (within reason) to suit the client and the specific concerns within their workforce.

Email using the button below, to discuss your needs and how these services can be tailored to your crew. 

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