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In just 10 weeks you'll become a MAN who takes responsibility. A MAN who takes action. A MAN who awakens & re-ignites his life. 

Confront your destructive patterns, create new empowered behaviours and REALLY live them by taking consistent, constructive action.

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Are you READY to reawaken the MAN within?

Are you READY to reawaken the MAN within?

Meet Lachie

Lachie Samuel has personally helped over 200+ men across Australia, and is well known for his work in mens FIFO, mens vulnerability and mental health podcasting.


Lachie first started his self development journey after being evacuated from his FIFO gig, due to being suicidal. Not only that, but he also lost multiple friends from that site, also due to suicide. 


After being evacuated, he gained his mental health first aid certificate, as well as an advanced certificate in counselling.


Following this, he created 'Open Up', a mental health podcast that would later go Top10 in Australia & NZ, leading Lachie to re-enter mining and FIFO, with his own pre-emptive mental health business, as well as create the first ever FIFO Mental Health Summit, in an attempt to help men and women struggling in isolation like he was.  

Lachie is currently the co-founder and co-ordinator of FIFO Happiness, in partnership with Happinss Co, where he's currently working with top tier mining companies and contractors, to create and improve their wellbeing initiatives. 

He is also a mental health keynote speaker, most recently on behalf of the Mental Health Foundation Australia, and was nominated for 'West Australian of the year 2020' (result pending). 

"I started this program, because I had so many men reaching out for help after they'd seen me speak or listened to the podcast. As soon as I helped my first ever coaching client completely change his life and become someone he was proud of, I fell in love with the idea of helping men see and live their potential. 

So far I've helped men aged from 20-48, learn how to feel into and speak about their emotions. I've been able to help middle aged men say I love you to their brothers and fathers for the first time in their lives. I've been able to help men communicate their needs and boundaries. I've been able to help quit sabotaging themselves out of fear that they will be successful, which they don't feel they deserve.


If I could only choose to do one thing for work, for the rest of my life, it'd be this. Nothing compares to seeing a brother realise that he deserves to, and can, live the life he wants." 

Are you READY to reawaken the MAN within?

The 3 Key pillars of our RE-IGNITE process.



For the dormant man, awareness is key, because awareness proceeds change. Without it, we'll remain asleep at the wheel, controlled by our conditioning, our limiting beliefs and our environment. 
Through in depth 1on1 coaching, human design and actionable commitments, we'll cultivate awareness around the destructive thoughts, feelings, actions and people who cause the most stress in our lives, then unpack it all so we have clarity around what it is that needs to be processed, shifted, communicated or felt.  



Once we have awareness, it's now time to introduce and create change, by taking action to resolve, remove and repair what no longer serves us. 

This includes limiting beliefs and patterns of self sabotage, which requires the implementing of tools and frameworks that allow us to create new, empowering thoughts, feelings, actions and interactions. 

"Action over awareness"



Now we have the frameworks and processes set up to help you thrive, it's time to stay the course and stay accountable for the way you show up. This pillar is largely about tweaking when needed, surrendering when needed, and holding ourselves to our commitment, to ensure we achieve the outcome we desire.

Did you know that 28% of FIFO workers

reported very high psychological distress

vs. 10% for the general population?

⚠️ Missing special events 👉🏼 86.5%
⚠️  Relationship problems with partners 👉🏼 68%
⚠️  Financial stress 👉🏼 62%
⚠️  Social isolation 👉🏼 60%

⚠️  Stigma attached to mental health problems 👉🏼 41%

⚠️  Unavailability of help when needed 👉🏼 38.5%

(Bowers, 2018)

Does this sound like you?

Want to know how to improve these areas of FIFO life?

⚠️ Missing special events

The feelings that come from this are generally shame, guilt and loneliness.

✅ We improve this area of our FIFO life by:

  • building in constructive habits like gratitude, so that we can see beyond the current negative thoughts and feelings

  • being present when we are with loved ones so we're less likely to take our time with them for granted, removing guilt

  • cultivating vulnerability, so that we can freely express how we feel about those we love,  

⚠️  Relationship problems with partners 

This brings with it overthinking, assumption, resentment & frustration


✅ We improve this area of our FIFO life by:

  • committing to confronting our issues, limiting overthinking based on assumption 

  • communicating effectively, giving each other freedom to express current feelings, removing the resentment and frustration that comes with not feeling heard, held or respected

  • utilising a routine for calls, creating certainty around when you're able to talk/ handle issues

  • taking responsibility for the role we played in allowing this issue to happen

⚠️  Financial stress

This is the number cause of male suicide, because to be under financial stress often becomes the story "I can't provide for my family, I'm hopeless, I'm not enough".

✅ We improve this area of our FIFO life by:

  • working on our view of money and our relationship with it. What does money mean to you? What were you shown and taught about it growing up? What would it mean about you if you had a lot of it? Most men tend to sabotage themselves because they view money as 'bad', or they don't feel worthy of success, love etc, so they'll sabotage themselves by spending too much or getting into debt.

⚠️  Social isolation 

This causes the feeling of being disconnected, loneliness and lack of self worth

✅ We improve this area of our FIFO life by:

  • creating and committing to a morning and night routine that puts us in a powerful state mentally and physically, giving us space to ground, centre and detach from negative thoughts and feelings

  • expanding our social circle and activities, so that we limit time spent alone in our rooms or at the pubs

  • utilising a routine for calls, creating certainty around when you're able to talk to loved ones

⚠️  Stigma attached to mental health problems

This severely impacts those under 34yrs

✅ We improve this area of our FIFO life by:

  • accepting how we feel and who we are

  • sharing our issues with people we trust

  • working on our self worth so that the opinions of others don't influence how we view ourselves

⚠️  Unavailability of help when needed 

This often leads to feeling like we aren't heard, don't matter and that it may forever be this way

✅ We improve this area of our FIFO life by:

  • checking in daily with your coach to help unpack what's coming up

  • learning how to reach out for help, without expectation

  • implementing stress management tools so we can change from fight or flight, to rest and digest


Become one of the MEN who have RE-IGNITED their lives!

Martin Thurlby, Tooling Co-ordinator

Working with Lachie has reignited my love for myself, his coaching has given me the tools and techniques to become a calmer, honest human. I've become so vulnerable that I spoke for RUOKDay? in front of all of my colleagues.

Toni Versic,

Mens Business Coach

I went from overwhelmed and frustrated with myself, to listening to my body, accepting my feelings and finding so much self acceptance and peace. I got everything I needed from Lachie and more.

Jay Bruce,

Construction Project Estimator

Lachie is like a brother to me. I gave me the keys to unlock my mind, body heart and soul. For the first time in my life, I'm taking action, celebrating myself  and saying "I love you" to the people I care about.

Are you READY to reawaken the MAN within?

How would this be any better than what's already out there?

✅ You'll be speaking to someone who knows what it's like to work FIFO, to be isolated and to have to deal with issues while working away

✅ You'll be working with someone who is advising mining companies on wellbeing initiatives

✅ You'll be set up with the frameworks, tools and beliefs, to help you thrive by the end of our 10weeks together. No reliance or dependance

✅ You will be called out in real time, if you are sabotaging yourself

✅ You will be expected to take responsibility for your behaviour, past present or future

✅ Fortnightly 1on1 zoom calls with me to unpack what you're going through and set intentions for the coming weeks

✅ Fortnightly group zoom calls to inspire and empower each other

✅ Daily check ins with me via Voxxer, to identify and unpack anything that's coming up

✅ Fortnightly self development commitments and tasks to complete

✅ Supportive facebook group to celebrate wins, ask questions and be inspired

✅ Permission to be you

If you know you're DORMANT.

If you know you could BE MORE.

If you want to RE-IGNITE...

Let us help you create a MAN you're PROUD of. 

Let us help you take your life back.

Take ACTION . Take the LEAP